Gemini Center for COmputational multi-Scale materials societY (COSY)

The COSY Geminisenter serves a vital purpose in addressing the growing demand for a shared hub and arena that unites educators, researchers, and students in the field of computational science in Norway. We firmly believe that the Norwegian computational community should coalesce, establishing a robust and collaborative professional ecosystem that will foster both fundamental and applied research, along with education and training efforts. The establishment of the COSY Geminisenter will enhance competitiveness and add value to the entire computational community in Norway, with anticipation of engaging numerous additional actors and departments in our COSY initiative in the near future. Our initiative involves a multitude of partners, with expertise covering computational physics, statistical mechanics, quantum chemistry, and material and engineering modeling. Among these partners, there exists a wealth of expertise, much of which we are not fully aware of ourselves. The creation of a COSY-Geminicenter is paramount in fostering these collaborations and ensuring that COSY remains informed about the scientific advancements in which each partner specializes. Consequently, the overarching goal of the COSY community is to unite the modeling community on a broad scale, with a particular focus on multiscale modeling, encompassing computational physicists, chemists, engineers, biologists, students, and researchers alike.